Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boys.. Things you should know..

.. about where to pick up a girl.


Men dont dance anymore. Now I dont mean bouncing around a dancefloor with your mates on a Friday night, lurching round trying to get a good look down some girls top.
I mean proper dancing, partner dancing.
Have you ever been swing dancing? or salsa? or even good old ballroom dancing. Its HOT.
I belong to a swing club (gotta be careful who you tell that to and in what context) and the main reason I joined was because of the social nights at a local bar.
You walk in to the strains of Glen Miller et al and you are transported back. To a time when men are dressed like men, not boys, who come up, take your hand and throw you round the dancefloor- then buy you a drink.
Its sexy, its fun and its guarenteed to get you laid boys.
There is a ratio of about 10 girls to every 1 boy, and even the not so hot boys are in demand all night long.
You do the math.

Gay Clubs

Every gay man has at least one best girlfriend. Who gets dragged week by week to the local gay bar.
Whilst her friend is doggedly making his way round the tonsils of every single man in the club what is she doing?
Gagging for just a scrap of male attention, thats what. Its fun being able to dance with no inhibitions for about the first 30 minutes. Then it slowly dawns on her that she is as invisible as a geek at a star trek convention.
Apart from the odd boy who will come up and say "gosh girl you are so dammed cute" but before the sentence is even out he is making eye contact with the Jude Law look alike behind you.

Last week I spent the entire night dancing with the sole straight man in the club, he wasn't my type, in a normal world I wouldnt have registered him, but he was there, attentive, and straight.
It's an untapped market guys.

Sewing Class

Now I know this one is a bit of a stretch, but the classes I have been to...
12 women, all around 20-30, not one man.
You are the sole man. You dont know how to sew. Are women not by nature rescuers?
All of a sudden you will have 12 women falling over themselves to show you how to overlock your seams.
You just need a really good reason to be there, a manly reason.
I cant think of one right now.


  1. I completely agree about the dancing - while I can't dance - I think it is incredibly hot - you need to know a man can lead - on the floor and in other parts of his life. As for the sewing - a man who can put on his own buttons or knit is hot too. I think there is a belief it is emasculating - it's quite opposite in my books - I think it shows a sense of self comfort

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  3. I agree, it shows a man is all grown up,not afraid to do his own darning

  4. Love it! Sewing class is a great idea!!

  5. Haha! I love the sewing idea too - what a fabulous thought!