Monday, January 10, 2011

An Explanation..or apology

If you find me, here in cyberspace, I wanted to explain what I am doing, and why on earth I am inflicting myself upon the blogosphere.
I have had other blogs, you are not my first. As much as I love my other blogs I felt that they were just not meeting my needs.
As I rapidly approach my 37th year I have reflected upon my life, namely my lack thereof... dont get me wrong, I have had an amazing life, full of.. well everything really, apart from romantic relationships.
I have had flings,I have had crushes aplenty, I have had medium length relationships.
But never the real thing, and always losing something of myself in the process.
Sometimes my dignity, usually my car keys, and often the one thing that I need the most.
My confidence.

So this little bit of nonsense is my new years resolution, in a diary.
I will relay my adventures anonomously as I forge the rivers of other, whilst clambering up the mountain of self, hopefully eventually sticking a bloody great flag of love in the summit.

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