Monday, February 28, 2011

Our world will never be the same again

It has been a very strange week.
This time last week I was gathered round the nearest Television set watching in horror as Christchurch dissolved into a pile of rubble and dead bodies.
We have had a charmed life here in paradise, we watch with a sense of disconnection when disasters happen in far off countires, but we just couldnt ignore this.
A 6.3 earthquake, in the same place as the 7.1 eathquake in September. All the builduings that proudly withstood that shake came tumbling down, taking with them approx 250 people.
All just like me, on their lunch break, in offices or on buses.

My first thought was for Alex - he lives there. He texted straight back, his house was all but destroyed but he was ok.
Then Andy - his parents live there. He jumped straight into a car and drove the few hundered km's to calm down his poor mum.
My ex boyfriend is a building inspector and was there assesing buildings damaged by the last quake. He is fine, but I can only imagine the things he will have to do in the next few weeks.

So thats us here in NZ - we are all touched by this terrible disaster.
Everything fades into unimportance.

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