Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Its been a long time since I dated properly, and it seems Im quite good at it.
Who would have thought?

So I have two men that I like from internet dating, and that should have been enough..
Oh no, I had to go push my luck and try speed dating again.
I love speed dating, I did it a few years ago and realised that it was my calling. So a few months ago i agreed to go with an aquaintance of mine.
Of course I didnt know then that I would have been so effectively internet dating. But I decided not to let her down ( and forfeit my fee) and do it anyway.
So I went, had a ball, and met three nice men that I "matched" with.
Now what do I do?
I cant date 5 men - thats just greedy.

I think I have decided to date Andy, properly - he is the internet one, as we have a good physical connection, lots in common and he interests me intensely.
The others, although I really like them and there are a couple I find very attractive will just have to be friends.
Gosh darn it.. Its a famine or a feast isnt it?
I suppose there are worse problems to have!

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  1. You've inspired me to keep going with internet dating! I've met two, and I didn't find them attractive. What's your secret? Do the photos matter much to you? Or do you just go by the banter between your emails? Help!