Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dating dilemmas..

Sorry about the lack of postings, seems I may have launched myself back into the dating scene a little too effectively...
My time has been taken up by fitting in dates from the internet.
I am not doing quite as well as my nubile younger friend with the professionally taken photos, however I am holding my own so far.
I have discovered that interent dating is all well and good when you are at the meet em once and figure out if there is a spark, but then, if there is.. it starts getting ethically murky.

So I met a guy, cute, same star sign, enough things in common to click, enough things different to have a spark.
We arranged a second date at the end of the first date and had a lovely time, bit of kissing, nothing too saucy, lots of sweet text messages etc etc.
So now what?
Does this mean I am "taken" and must commit to solely dating? It seems kiwi men dont like the idea of multiple dating - but I feel its too soon to know whether I want this guy to be my boyfriend.
He however has taken himself off the dating site  -  he hasnt told me this, I found out when I clicked onto his profile.
I however have arranged a "meet" for tonight with someone else.
Does that make me a hussy?
I framed up this date by stating in a message that i had started seeing someone but didnt know where it was going, but would like to meet him anyway as he sounded lovely.
He sounded like he had a few reservations but wanted to meet me anyway.
So question number two is How up front should I be about this stuff? Do I just assume the fall back position is everyone is multiple dating unless told otherwise?
Help me guys...


  1. Unless he made it clear that he's not interested in dating anyone else, I think you're free to see others. ALthough do not leave him on the hook.. you're not exclusive but knowing now that he's deleted his profile, I would be more inclined to go on a few more dates before bringing the topic up of dating several people etc. Good luck

  2. Oh, I'm just about to be in the same position as you! Internet Dating Confused! I've launched myself into it and I've just arranged my first 'date'. it all feels odd and a little unnatural . . . .but nothing ventured . . . By the way, date as many as you like until someone shines through, You don't owe anyone anything and you will know when you are truly close to someone :)